Why High-End Homes in Toronto Choose Stucco

When you think of stucco, you most likely imagine older crumbling buildings in developing countries, and certainly not of the high-end homes you see throughout the Toronto region. Despite these preconceived notions, stucco is making a comeback in the 2017 Canadian housing market, due to it’s reliability and durability as an exterior coating. More and more homeowners are choosing to coat their high-end homes with stucco over conventional materials such as wood, stone and vinyl planks due to it’s versatility, durability, easy maintenance and stylistic capacity. Take your House Exterior to the Next Level With the help of Exterior by…

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Exterior stucco textures and finishes – Guide

One of exterior stucco’s best qualities, and one of the many reasons it has recently become a popular choice for Greater Toronto Area homeowners is its incredible versatility. Because it is easy to mould, stucco is easily customizable to fit your unique vision for your home’s appearance. The exquisite detailing and topographical textures available with exterior stucco mean it lends itself to an incredible range of styles that will each give your home a different feel, or can be made to complement your home’s current theme or match its decor. Explore just a few of your options below. What Are…

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Examining your home’s exterior

Exterior stucco is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in the Toronto area. And for good reason. With exterior stucco’s wide range of unique designs and textures, its durability, and its weather-resisting attributes, it brings beauty and character to homes in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, and Etobicoke that lasts for decades. Like any large home renovation project, applying exterior stucco to your home takes forethought, planning, and an expert stucco contractor. Before embarking on this time-consuming and costly project, any stucco contractor worth their salt will begin by undertaking a thorough examination of your home’s exterior. Every house is constructed differently…

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