Breakdown Cost of Stucco

Breakdown Cost of Stucco

Customarily, stucco has been a prevalent exterior wall system in many houses and building designs. It adds character to a house, particularly when it’s joined with other wall design systems, for example, brick. Once completed with precision and great craftmanship, stucco can likewise be an extraordinary boundary against multiple weather conditions such as snow, rain and sleet and delivers as additional protection.

The modern material is harder and longer-lasting than the traditional stucco-preventing it from breaking down. Utilizing stucco for your home has become more common in the Canadian market. When considering using stucco for your project, many factors have to be taken into account that go into the expense of stucco. This article will discuss the factors that affect stucco installation and repair costs.

Stucco Cost Per Square Foot

Cost of Stucco

Firstly, stucco has 3 main layers as an exterior wall system. Each layer plays an important role in providing its purpose. The first layer is the base coat which is strong and durable and acts as a support for the second layer. The second layer is the most important layer which is the barrier against rough weather conditions. The motivation behind this layer is to smoothen it and keep water from infiltrating through to the substrate material that is helpless against it. On the off chance that water gets caught there, it can begin to spoil the material and harm the stucco finish on a superficial level. Finally, the last layer is the finishing layer. With regards to costs, stucco costs vary depending on the square footage of space and material costs have to also be taken into consideration. On average the cost of stucco ranges from $18-$24 per square foot.

A Few Factors that Could Potentially Affect the Cost of Stucco:

Stucco Cost Per Square Foot

The need for scaffolding: If the building designs have extremely high walls, the design and construction require scaffolding, therefore, this is an extra step in the process. Working on scaffolding incurs an extra charge as extra time is needed to take down and rebuild.

The material finish of the stucco: There is a myriad of finishes when it comes to the stucco market. Depending on the type of look you want to achieve affects the cost- as the application of each type of material affects the amount of time it takes for it to be applied.

stone and stucco

Whilst some need less time, others take a longer amount of time to achieve the desired look and therefore require more staff as well, affecting the cost to be higher.

Requiring detailed work: if you consider having elaborate work done with stucco, especially around doors and window frames, the installation cost and work cost can go up. The average cost varies around “$3-$7 per linear foot of trim” which further depends on the size and detail of the design.

Repair Cost of Stucco

Repair Cost of Stucco

If you are fixing stucco or applying a re-coat to your current finish, at that point the shape that your current Stucco finish is in will bring about changes in cost. On the off chance that your current stucco finish is in extraordinary condition, at that point, the prep work included will be much less and will bring about a lower cost as there will be less work and materials needed to manage the work. However, if the current completion of your walls is not in great condition, at that point more work has to be done to get it into a condition that will be appropriate for another layer to be applied over it or for the new stucco to be integrated with the current state of the wall, resulting in additional costs. Repair costs range from $400-$1100 depending on the intensity and amount of damage that needs attention.

Stucco Installation Cost

Stucco Installation Cost

Figuring out the cost of having stucco work done on your house requires one to determine the details of the installation. Besides the previously mentioned material expenses, there are some different expenses as well. Concerning the costs of the labour needed to stucco a house, you can anticipate that it should be around $30-$50 every hour for every expert individual. Additional costs for finishing touches such as the painting cost around $30 for a gallon of paint plus the amount needed for your home (dependent on size).

To Further Elaborate on The Costs per Square Footage:

Exterior by design team working on exterior stucco

On the lower end of the spectrum of $18 per square foot- this means that your home is smaller thus requiring less time and labour since less scaffolding has to be set up with minimal designs and basic aesthetics, as well as a simple finish.

Next, the price range of around $18-$20 dollars per square foot determines that your home is medium-sized- with more of an elaborate design finish yet again a simple one-layer coat of paint.

Lastly, the higher end of the price range of $24 and more is completely dependent on the fact that your large home requires more intricate designs and a lot more detailed work since it needs more finishing touches and layers to reach your desired level of design. Therefore, this also means there are more material costs and labour costs involved.

Additional Factors that May Affect Stucco Cost:

Classic stucco exterior
  • Size of home
  • Details of design required
  • The material finishes
  • The existing condition of the walls of your home
  • The need for extra scaffolding
  • Labour and time costs

If you desire to stucco your home, you ought to thoroughly consider the factors involved in affecting its cost of installation and repair.

amazing custom home with stucco

Certainly, the expenses are higher than the vast majority of other options, yet of course, this is remunerated by the extraordinary life span offered by the stucco for your home. The outcomes are certainly justified regardless of the amount of work. At the point when you figure out what amount it costs to stucco a house; you will likewise need to consider likely repair costs as well in the future. Reaching out to experts will be a great guide for you to get a more accurate quote and an idea of the extra expenses that could be attached to your particular home. Regardless, using stucco for your home is a smart decision while residing in Canada.

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