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Exterior by Design provides excellent service through installation of only the highest grade quality Aurora stucco and stone siding. Our company has only the most experienced workers that will leave you satisfied and pleased with your exterior stucco installation. Our services include exterior stone siding and stucco for restaurants, auditoriums, office buildings, warehouses, libraries, schools, hospitals, condominiums, as well as a variety of retail buildings.

With over 15 years of experience, our business will make sure the installation fits all your needs no matter the location, installing from Milton to Toronto. Contact us now for more information at (647) 222-1818, we look forward to hearing from you!

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We offer only the highest quality Exterior Stucco installation while keeping an integral service practice with our customer needs in mind. With GTA weather in mind, stucco is both a lavish and lasting option for all property exteriors.

  • Eye Catching: Stucco installation will give your property not only an eye catching appeal, but you will feel great knowing your exterior installation has been made to last by qualified and dedicated workers. With many years of promising experience, you are in good hands.
  • Withstands All Weather: Stucco installation is the most versatile and durable form of exterior protection for every property. Not only does it withstand varying temperatures throughout the year, but a wide range of weather changes such as extreme hot weather or heavy rain are no match for exterior stucco or stone siding. Exterior finishing will protect your property from water damage, rot, and the average wear and tear that bricks endure.

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Why Should I Get Stucco or Stone Siding?

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With a 25 year guarantee on all their products, look no further than Exterior by Design for all your quality stone siding and stucco installation needs. We are a Toronto based company, understanding the needs of fellow Torontonians when it comes to changing weather conditions. Our installations have superior durability to brickwork as well as other exteriors.

Amazing Custom Home with Exterior Stucco and Stone Veneer Aurora

If you are looking for the exterior of your home to withstand freezing rain, flooding, heavy snowfall, and sub zero temperatures you have come to the right place. Stucco installations and stone siding installations are both gentle on the eyes and extremely strong in any type of harsh weather conditions, with an excellent value due to the lack of need for repair. Due to the long-lasting durability, the amount of money you will save is incomparable to other exterior property installations. If you still are not convinced, Exterior by Design has five million liability insurance and a 25-year guarantee because we will be providing you with a perfect and eye-catching installation.

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Exterior by Design helps you upgrade home or commercial property by putting your needs first. The longevity and durability of your home is important to us, and that is why our qualified and experienced contractors always give 100% to make sure your home lasts through every season without a scratch.

All of our work is detail oriented and customizable to the needs of each and every one of our customers. Not only will we make your home look brand new, but it will we well protected as well, thanks to our stucco and stone siding installations. If you want your home to withstand all Canadian weather visit our page for a free estimate.

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