Amazing exterior stucco finishes in Markham

If you are seeking the right stucco exterior finishes in Markham, look no further. We at exterior by design are here to sort out your needs. We have designed the exteriors of several homes in Markham and we seek to transform your home next.

What is stucco?

exterior stucco MarkhamStucco is a decorative material applied on the surface of your home. It consists of aggregate content, binding material, and water in its composition. This mixture is applicable on various surfaces in your house such as ceilings table tops and walls. This surface is great and very appealing to the eye. It is very durable and can last up to several decades without changing in form. This material is also very affordable with options custom designed by our team to meet your needs.

What is siding stones?

Siding stones are the natural stones or the artificially manufactured veneer used on the surface of your house. The options can be tailor made for the exterior of your home of the interior surfaces. Several homeowners use it for their walls on the outside or on the interiors to decorate their spaces. This material is also great in quality and is very durable. We have finished several homes in Markham satisfactorily. Several customers in this area have been referred to us after viewing our exquisite finishes. We can openly state that we are experts in this sector.

Why should you choose us?

We, at exterior by design only work with professionals. We have a team of experts in this field, covering the technical to the interior designing requirements of the customers. We have the best team who will transform your home. We use high-quality products in providing our services, this assures the customer of durability and satisfaction at the end of the work. Our services are impeccable and the quality of our output is clearly unmatched.

We have a warranty of up to 25 years on our products. This ascertains and assures you that we will be with you the whole way through the recreation of your home. In the case that any issues incur with the surfaces we create which is highly unlikely we will take care of your issues. We have had over fifteen years of experience in this work. This has sharpened our skills in the field, assuring the customer of the highest quality of work.

Leading stucco company in Markham

We have several platforms where a customer can review our previously done work including from our website. Our prices are inexpensive. We have pocket-friendly options that customers can select or tailor make according to their budget.

Choose only the best to finish your home. We are the leading company in Markham in exceptional exterior finishes. If you want your house finishes to stand out choose us to complete the task for you. Our hard working team will ensure you are satisfied with the whole process from the beginning to the end. Make the right choice today and call us for a quote.