Why High-End Homes in Toronto Choose Stucco

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When you think of stucco, you most likely imagine older crumbling buildings in developing countries, and certainly not of the high-end homes you see throughout the Toronto region. Despite these preconceived notions, stucco is making a comeback in the 2017 Canadian housing market, due to it’s reliability and durability as an exterior coating. More and more homeowners are choosing to coat their high-end homes with stucco over conventional materials such as wood, stone and vinyl planks due to it’s versatility, durability, easy maintenance and stylistic capacity.

Take your House Exterior to the Next Level

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With the help of Exterior by Design, your home can be transformed into a gorgeous, high-end creation, with the added benefits of stucco’s durability and resistance to the elements. With a multitude of design options which can be enhanced through the use of stucco, it’s a wonder that not every high-end home is using its capacity to the highest potential. With a partial application of stucco, a home’s exterior can be moulded in a variety of architectural and design styles, echoing classic and traditional architecture, and implementing elements of high style and elegance.

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A s stucco can be painted over, or applied in a variety of colours, it lends itself to any home’s architectural style and design. Whether you want to apply a whole home covering or a partial application on portions of your home’s exterior, it can be used to enhance the general aesthetic of your home while preserving its exterior. Our company offers stucco design services for entire structures and portions. Stucco can be applied in a variety of textures. We can create custom and intricate designs, blending with existing architectural design and implementing unique design elements such as arches, accent mouldings, window trims and stone work in addition to pure stucco.

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Other Benefits of Stucco

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Easy maintenance: If you’re looking for an exterior that requires minimal maintenance, stucco is a perfect choice. There is no repeated painting, cleaning, reinstallation, replacement or re-sealing that goes into maintaining a stucco exterior. Instead, simply spray away dirt with a garden hose or power washer as needed. In the Toronto area, this is perfect as you will not need to regularly clear away the dust and grime that accumulates in the city. The only maintenance required is what you’d do in any winter; clearing away snow from your home’s walls.

Excellent value: Applying stucco is relatively inexpensive and saves you on the necessity of constant repairs to your home’s exterior. For this reason, it adds value to curb appeal and saves you money in the long run.

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Easy installation: Unlike most other exterior coverings, stucco takes about 2 days to install fully, drying time included. It can be applied over existing materials, meaning you will not need to strip away your home’s current exterior for the upgrade. It can be applied over wood, concrete, and masonry, and stripped away when required.

Superior durability: Stucco is one of the most durable materials used to coat home exteriors. It can handle everything nature throws at it: extreme temperature swings, freezing rains, ice and snow, forceful winds and more. Even torrential rains and flooding are unlikely to damage it. Because of this, stucco is an excellent choice for Canadian climates, as it is unlikely to be damaged by sudden changes in temperatures like wood or vinyl might be. It’s resistant to warping, cracking, flaking and peeling. Because it won’t rot and mould and is easy to clean, it’s a superior choice over conventional home exteriors. When looking for a means of decoration that is durable as well as beautiful, stucco is your number-one choice

Expert Stucco Design and Upgrades for your Home

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Exterior by Design offers expert stucco design and upgrades, meant to enhance your home or business’s exterior design. We use custom moulds and application techniques, the best materials and tools, and a complete range of stucco services including design, installation, repair, and maintenance for our customers’ complete satisfaction. We also specialize in the restoration of older buildings and can uncover the original beauty of your building and enhance it with a beautiful stucco coating design meant to preserve and maintain the structure’s beauty.

Our company has been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years. In this time, we have established ourselves as the best home exterior company in the industry. With such a reputation, our customers can be assured that we will provide the highest quality stucco and stone application service available on the market.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and will not rest until we have exceeded your every expectation. Trust the exterior experts at Exterior by Design, and give us a call for a free quote at (647) 222-1818. We look forward to hearing from you!

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