Mississauga stone and stucco company

Exterior by design is one of the greatest companies that offer high-quality finishes on your home using either stone siding options or stucco. In order to get the right work done you need to hire the right contractor. We offer high-quality finishes from skill acquired over years of experience. We extend our services around several regions such as Mississauga.  We offer 25 years guarantee and we have five million dollar liability insurance coverage.

Who are we?

Exterior by Design – Stucco and Stone Inc. is a company that deals with the creation of stucco and stone siding surfaces in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and the Greater Toronto since the year of 2001. We have managed to create a great reputation for years of great service and experience. We provide the best services to your home and ensure you are satisfied at the end of the whole process of your home transformation. We also do the necessary repairs to the existing surfaces. We have a team of professionals ready to take the job and complete it exceptionally well.

What is stuMississauga stone and stuccocco?

Stucco is a material concentrate that consists of a mixture of aggregates, binding components, and water. It is a simple concentrate that is applied when wet and dries off into a hard dense matter after some time.

Benefits of stucco

Stucco is great for your house for several reasons. It is durable and resists several environmental changes. This material can last up to several years in your home.  Stucco is affordable and is pocket-friendly for many home owners. Stucco is easy to apply, the installation process is simple and has been perfected over the years by our team of experts.

What is stone siding?

Stone siding has been used for several centuries by man to surface their homes. The material is hard, durable and has a great ability to sustain great forces of nature. Stone has been used for several surfaces in different places in homes such as walls, chimneys, and general decor. At exterior by design, we offer the best finishes by stone siding. We give the homeowner or the interior designer an array of options to choose from. What you see is exactly what you get at exterior by design.

Stone siding has two options where one can select natural stones and manufactured stone veneer. Natural stone is extremely beautiful and is relatively a cheaper option. The artificially manufactured veneer is exquisite as it comes in several forms which the owner can choose from. We are proud to say that we have the most experience in Mississauga in creating stone siding surfaces for homes.

Benefits of stone siding

It is very durable material. There are so many houses that were furnished with stone siding options decades ago and are still standing. Stone siding beautifies your home. The options of the stone siding features change the outlook of your home making it more appealing to the eye. Nothing lasts forever but be assured our stone siding options will last on your house for a very very long time.