Elegant Stone and stucco Exteriors Oakville

Get the best stucco and stone siding options from exteriors by design in Oakville. We have managed to recreate several home surfaces and acquired a great reputation over the years. If you need the right finish for the walls of your home call us for a quote today. We assure you of great services and a 25-year guarantee on the services provided. Our company had had several years of experience guaranteeing you nothing short of the best in Oakville. We have a 5 million dollar liability insurance coverage.

Stone and stucco exteriors are very common in Oakville. They have both gained popularity amongst many homeowners and designers. Our team of experts always deliver the right finishing to your home using the highest quality of the material.

How to get stone and stucco finish in Oakville

If you need your home to be revamped by either stone or stucco finishes give us a call. We at exterior by design will ensure we deliver what we promise and a guarantee on the durability of the material used for up to 25 years. Many of our customers in Oakville are satisfied with our work. We have managed to service several houses in the region over the past years.

The process of getting our services while in Oakville is simple. Give us a call and we will be ready to send out our team of experts to survey the area you would wish to cover in either of the two materials. Once done, we will give you a quote for the completion of the work. What are you waiting for? give us a call and change your home today.

Comparison of stucco and siding stone exterior options

Stucco is a mixture of aggregate material with a binding component and water. Siding stones, on the other hand, can comprise of natural stones and manufactures stones. The two are different in the materials used to create them. Stucco has a smoother feel when compared to siding stones. Siding stones have a rougher look and feel as they are basically a set of stones arranged in an appealing design.

Stucco and siding stones have similar price ranges, however, the natural stone option under the siding stone is relatively cheaper. The price quotation will depend on the size of the surface area where they will be applied.

Both stucco and siding stones are very durable and are of great quality. The two options are believed to last for decades if not centuries. Well, I know nothing lasts forever but our stucco and siding stone options for your home will serve you for a very very long time.


Here at exterior by design, we offer the best services at the most affordable rates. We have built a great reputation, over the years within Oakville. Many of our customers are referrals from satisfied clients over the years. If you are in Oakville try us today and you will be pleased with our services. Recreate your space today with us!