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Exterior stucco – also known as render – is a substance made by mixing water, aggregates, and a binding solution. For modern homes, it is a decorative exterior finish that creates an incredibly unique look. Applied as a liquid, exterior stucco then dries to a completely solid state, providing both an incredible visual and protecting your home from the elements. In order to ensure that your exterior stucco finishing is going to be resilient over the years, it’s important to have a team with expertise in the stucco space complete the project.

Benefits of Stucco For Your Home

Exterior stucco Burlington

Homeowners across Canada are beginning to see the incredible benefits of stucco for their homes. These include a variety of items, such as a high-quality finish that prevents exterior flaking and wear and is capable of standing up against moisture and extreme temperatures, as well as their sleek, modern appearance.

Additionally, stucco is also a very affordable exterior finish when compared to alternatives. This means that you can provide your home with a resilient exterior that looks great for a fraction of the cost. Stucco is a fast-drying solution, meaning that it can be installed within a couple of days to the entire exterior of your home.


Exterior Stucco Burlington

Stucco siding Burlington

Stucco is an incredibly versatile finish – both interior and exterior – that Burlington homeowners will benefit greatly from having installed. Thanks to both the functional and visual benefits of exterior stucco, you can affordably modernize your home while still ensuring that it is of the highest quality possible. Beyond simply applying stucco to the exterior of your home, there are many individuals who have begun to experiment with internal stucco applications. This includes the likes of stucco ceiling decorations and more. Because of the increased durability of stucco, it’s an investment in your home that will provide years of benefits.

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There are different types of stucco:

  • Traditional Stucco – This is a type of construction where lime instead of Portland cement is used. The great thing about it, you can achieve any texture that your heart desires by just using varying amounts with raw materials.
  • Synthetic Stucco – also known as acrylic stucco or synthetic plaster does not contain cement or lime. Instead it is made with water-resistant materials that give off a similar feel to natural stone but without any of the drawbacks. Synthetic plasters dry more evenly than traditional ones which means you can paint right over them when they are done drying because there will be no cracks in sight.

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When it comes time to upgrade the exterior of your home, it’s important that you work with an exterior stucco team capable of providing you with the highest quality possible. Exterior By Design Stucco & Stone Inc. has been providing exterior stucco and stone services to homeowners throughout Burlington and surrounding areas for more than 15-years. With high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship and service, and complete project customization and management, you can rest assured that your exterior stucco project will be of the highest quality possible. In addition to that, we offer a 25-year guarantee on all of our stucco and stone solutions. To learn more about our services, pricing, or process, contact our team today.

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