Is Stucco Durable?

stucco durability

Stucco is an important material for any home, made from Portland cement, sand and water, it creates a durable exterior plaster for your home. With an extremely strong nature, stucco is most often found on the outside of a home to maintain the integrity of your home while keeping Toronto’s changing weather in mind without sacrificing contemporary beauty.

Is Stucco a Good Insulator of a Home?

Stucco is able to keep up with the temperature you feel is best within your home for the needs that each season brings to Toronto.
Keeping Warm in the Winter & Cool in the Summer: Stucco has higher installation rates than almost all outdoor exteriors for the home due to its mix of unique and durable materials that no other exterior finish can compete with. With being waterproof and heat resistant, stucco keeps unwanted temperatures where they belong: outside. During the cold winters expect to stay warm with top quality R-Value Stucco while keeping temperatures cool within your home on the hottest of days.

Is Stucco Heat Resistant?

Stucco will not get in the way of your hydro bills as it is not only heat resistant, but fire resistant as well, all in all creating a safer environment for you and your family.
Withstanding the Heat: Stucco is the most energy efficient and cost-effective form of siding for your home, through longevity, stucco installation ultimately pays for itself. Exterior stucco can last up to fifty years because of the great quality of endurance it holds through the ability to expand and contract to temperature changes. This is extremely beneficial for Torontonians due to the toll that fluctuating temperatures have proven to take on our homes every season.

How Effective is Waterproof Stucco?

As long as your Toronto home is properly built for waterproofing, water, mold, and mildew are no match for exterior stucco.
No Decay with Stucco: Due to Stucco’s great resistance to water because of the hard exterior it withholds, stucco is both unaffected by any form of dampening or rotting. Stucco is a high-quality exterior shield for your home as it creates a barrier immune to flaking, crumbling, and even humid climates for those extremely hot summers.
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