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As one of the top leading Milton stucco and stone siding contractors, Exterior by Design specializes in beautifying and protecting homes with high-quality stucco and stone siding solutions.

With over 15 years of experience, our team prioritizes bringing homes to life with incredible exterior designs and seamless Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) to your home.

Exterior Stucco In Milton

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Exterior by Design, known for superior exterior stucco Milton services, provides durable stucco that withstands extreme weather conditions.

Our stucco solutions, made from a mix of natural and synthetic compounds, offer flexibility, waterproofing, and durability, making them a perfect fit for all four seasons in Milton. Discover the different options available from scraped, lace, dash to float. 

Stone Siding Milton

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Add a personal touch to your home with our exceptional Milton stone siding installation services. Our stone veneers will not only instantly beautify your home, but they’re also incredibly durable and cost effective for your home’s exterior.

These stone veneers come in various colours and sizes, allowing you to customize the look to match the rest of your property. Leave your stone siding installation with one of the top stone siding companies in Milton.

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Choose from a wide range of stone siding services including:

  • Siding installation
  • Painted siding
  • Stone siding
  • Faux stone siding
  • Exterior siding
  • Complete house siding
  • Vertical siding
  • Cement board siding

The Best Stone and Stucco Exterior Contractors in Milton

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As the winner of HomeStars Best of Award from 2020 to 2023, you can trust us to install your exterior stone or stucco. We guarantee a 25-year durability on our work, using the highest quality materials to ensure your home’s exterior is both stunning and resilient.

Additionally, the process at Exterior by Design includes a collaborative approach, where we work closely with our clients to custom-design their home’s exterior, making each project a unique reflection of their vision.

The Difference Between Stucco And Stone Siding

If you’re having a tough time deciding between stucco and stone siding for your home, we have a few pointers. Both options are aesthetically pleasing, but each option has its own strengths. A mixture of natural and synthetic materials like cement and acrylics is what our exterior stucco in Milton is made from. It’s completely waterproof and is a flexible material to work with. Extreme weather is no match for our stucco which protects your home against strong winds and major storms. 

If you’re looking for high durability and a tough exterior, stone siding is a great choice for homes and commercial properties. Stone veneers can withstand any storm and other harsh weather conditions. They also come in a variety of styles and colours to choose from.

What You Get With Our Stucco And Stone Siding Milton

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Choosing Exterior by Design for your stone and stucco siding means enjoying not only the benefits of our products but the service that comes with it. Whether your home needs an exterior renovation or you’re building a new property, we’re here to help.

Discover Why Stucco Remains a Top Choice for High End Homes

When you trust us as your local stone and siding company in Milton, you’ll get: 

  • Durability
    Your home is your sanctuary, and our stone and stucco products are designed to reinforce this, providing durability and longevity to keep your home in its best condition. 
  • Quality
    Professional techniques and high-quality materials is what you can expect with our stucco and stone veneers. We source the finest products to ensure your exterior renovation is worth your investment.
  • Cost
    Our stucco and stone siding solutions are not only cost-effective but also add significant value to your property. The average cost for stucco installation typically ranges from $18 to $24 per square foot. If you need to replace existing stucco, it’s an additional cost of $1 per sq.ft. to remove the old stucco.

Choose Exterior by Design for Your Stucco and Stone Siding Milton

When you need professional stucco and stone veneer in Milton, you can depend on our team at Exterior By Design. We prioritize creating an enjoyable exterior home renovation for each of our clients by ensuring the installation and removal process is as smooth as possible. Our team focuses on delivering outstanding results with every project we take on. Call us now for your free estimate!

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