Vaughan stucco and stone siding contractor

Are you in Vaughan? Do you need your house renovated beautifully with either stucco or stone siding options? We are here for you. Exterior by design offers the best services in the stucco and stone siding services. Before we get to that what is stucco and stone siding?


Stucco is a dense material that is applied to the surface of your house exterior or within ceilings or whichever another part of your house you prefer. It is a mix of aggregates, a binding component, and water. The mixture is highly durable and will last for decades without flaking, cracking or breaking off.

Stone siding

Stone siding is an old practice that can be dated back to the 1880’s. It is one of the most durable surfaces to use for your home that resists most of the strongest forces of nature such as rain and the wind. Stone siding has two options: use of natural stones and the use of manufactured veneer. We have a team of great designers who ensure this service is well done within your home. The services we offer with the stone siding option include exterior siding, siding installation, complete house siding, painted siding, vertical siding, stone siding, faux stone siding and cement board siding.

Where to get stucco and stone siding in Vaughan

If you are in Vaughan it is easy to access these services. We at Exterior by design offer the best services from years of experience. We have acquired experience from servicing several houses over the years. The services we provide are great such that several houses we serviced in the last ten years are still existing.

The process of getting our services while in Vaughan is quite simple. We offer our services in this region too. Give us a call so that you can get a quote as soon as possible. Our prices are great and the quality of the service we will provide is impeccable. We will also show you samples of what we have done in the past. And together with our team of great designers, we will be able to recreate a layout for your home.

Stucco and stone siding

This is a comprehensive comparison of the stucco design and stone siding options for your house. The features that will be compared of the two are:

  • Quality

The quality of both the stucco and the stone siding are both great. This will also depend on the contractor hired to design your home.

  • Cost

The costs of both the stucco and stone siding are similar with little difference. The pricing quotation differences will occur in the different sizes of the surface areas.

Quality stucco services

If you are seeking quality and great service delivery within your home for either stucco or stone siding, give us a call. We have worked on transforming several other homes and yours could be next on our list. We assure the best service with the highest quality material. Give us the chance to transform your home and you will not regret it!